Winter Skincare with BIOTIQUE

We are in November and are about to enter the coldest month of the year, December. WoHoo!! I swear, I am really excited mainly because I am a lazy ass. I love sitting in my blanket wearing a furry sweatshirt and my pajamas, binging on my favorite gajar ka halwa. That is my go-to past time in winters. Let me know which one is your favorite season? Are you the one like me who likes winters?

So guys! Because winters are already here and my skin is extremely dry. I make sure to keep it hydrated and well moisturized all day long. And for that, I make sure to drink lots of water and follow a good skincare regime, Recently Biotique sent me their Winter skincare range and I have been using it from past 3 weeks.

Today in this post I will be sharing my reviews on all these products that were sent to me.

Biotique is one of my most trusted brands and I have been using it since my childhood now. Honestly saying! Before this I have had never tried any of their skin care products. My mom and me, we always used to pick our haircare essentials from them only. So when I received the winter skin care range, I was excited like a baby and I started using them from the very first day.



Here is my Winter Skin Care Routine Using Biotique Products

  1. 1. Bio Berberry Hydrating Cleanser

This one is very gentle on the skin and it removes all my makeup. I take a coin size amount of this cleanser on my cotton pad and gently swipe off all my makeup. I prefer doing this step at night as It removes all the dirt and makeup up from my face that is accumulated entire day. This Hydrating Cleanser is suitable for all skin types.


Winter Skincare with BIOTIQUE


Winter Skincare with BIOTIQUE

PRICE: Rs.170

QUANTITY: 120 ml

2. Bio Honey Gel Refreshing foaming face wash

Honey is great for Dry skin, it moisturizes the skin and gives a very nice glow to the skin. This is my favorite step of my skincare routine. I use this face wash two times a day and it leaves my skin very soft and very well moisturized. It does not give me a dry feeling afterwards and this is the best thing about this foaming face wash.


Winter Skincare with BIOTIQUE

PRICE: Rs.119

QUANTITY: 100 ml

  1. 3. Morning Nector

Every time I wash my face, I make sure to apply Biotique morning nector. It keeps my skin hydrated and well moisturized for the rest of the day. I never skip on this step beacause, I hate the stretchy and dry feeling on my face and this one solves it all. This one is again very light in texture and not at all oily. It gets absorbed into the skin really fast and it is again great if you have dry skin. It does not dry your skin.


Winter Skincare with BIOTIQUE

PRICE: Rs. 199



  1. 4. Bio Winter Cherry

Our hands and feet are equally important as our face and neck. So I make sure to wash them before I get into my bed at night. To keep my feet and hands baby soft, I make sure to apply Winter cherry body lotion twice a day. First, post taking my morning shower and secondly, before getting into my bed at night. The texture of this one is again very light and it is extremely hydrating.

This one also suits all skin types especially if you have normal-oily skin type.

Winter Skincare with BIOTIQUE

Winter Skincare with BIOTIQUE

Winter Skincare with BIOTIQUE

PRICE: Rs.180



So! If you have dry skin like me, then make sure to follow these simple steps and follow this simple routine of Cleansing and Moisturizing every single day. This will keep your skin hydrated and well moisturized for the rest of the day and you will never have dryness on your skin.

I really hope this helps you out to make better choices for yourself. Make sure to leave your valuable comment underneath, if you would like to clear out your questions and queries.