Keep Your Skin Well Moisturised and Nourished with 24 ct Gold, Honey & Almond Winter Care Nourishing Cream.

Hi guys, Happy New Year 2017 and I wish this new year brings lots of success and happiness in your lives.

So, Welcome back! This is my first blog post of 2017 and Today I will be reviewing TBC by nature Honey & Almond winter nourishing cream.

24ct Gold, Honey & Almond Winter Care Nourishing Cream

TBC by Nature recently launched its winter skin care range to keep the skin glowing and well moisturised in winters and a month back they sent me one of their new launches to try out. They sent me their 24ct Gold Honey & Almond Winter Nourishing Cream. Since then, I have been regularly using this cream and I am really excited to share my views on it. I hope my review will be helpful for you to make better choices for your skin care routine.

TBC by nature is an Indian brand serving its customers with various skin care, hair care, bridal care, baby care products. All the products by TBC are really affordable and are of really good quality. The equality of their products is equally good as of international brands available in Indian markets. So I think it is a great brand to pick and try their products.

I have also used their facial kits and bleaches in past and I already like the quality of their products. So, I was not at all confused to try out their Honey & Almond cream.

24ct Gold Honey & Almond Winter Care Nourishing Cream


My Skin Type:

Dry- Combination (summers) and Very Dry in winters.


24ct Gold, Honey & Almond Smoothening & Whitening Face & Body Nourishing Cream is combined beautifully with other natural extracts and cosmetics. Honey provides health and nourishment to skin and help improve skin texture. Presence of Almond helps sustain natural moisture balance in skin and instill a new energy and brightness in skin texture. The cream is ideally designed for winter care with Aloe Vera Extract, Almond Oil, Honey, Cocoa butter, Wheat Germ Oil, Vitamin E to keep away skin dryness and itching. 


The packaging of this cream is quite simple. The cream comes in a small tub packaging without any lid cover up. This cream has no pump; you have to take out the product with hands. The packaging is compact and can be easily carried in travel pouches or handbags.


24ct Gold, Honey & Almond Winter Care Nourishing Cream 


The cream has perfect consistency; it is not too thick or not too runny. The product is very moisturizing and doesn’t feel sticky at all. You just need a coin size amount to apply on your hands and feet. The cream is light and can be applied on both body and face. 

My Review:

My hands and feet are dry as a desert in winters and I hate rough and white layer of dryness on my body. So, I constantly apply moisturizing lotions and cream to keep my skin well moisturized.

I have used this cream for good 20-25 days now and so far I like this cream. This cream is very light on the skin and gets completely absorbed after 10 minutes. It doesn’t uncomfortable on the skin or doesn’t feel like any layer on the skin, however it gives a beautiful shine on the skin.

The cream is not at all oily or sticky but it is very moisturizing. This cream is good for both normal and dry skin, however people with very oily skin can use it as a body cream and skip its application on the face.

There is no artificial fragrance added in this cream, it has a good mild cocoa butter fragrance which remains on your skin for couple of hours.  I really liked this cream as it is made up of natural ingredients like Aloe Vera extract, almond oil, honey, cocoa butter, wheat germ oil, peptides, ashwagandha extract and vitamin E which is great for the skin and helps retaining the moisture of the skin.


24ct Gold, Honey & Almond Winter Care Nourishing Cream


Pros of 24ct Gold, Honey & Almond Winter Care Nourishing Cream:

1. Light in texture

2. Mild fragrance

3. Very Moisturizing

4. Not at all sticky

5.Great cream for winters

6. Very affordable

7. Suitable for all skin types

8. No skin irritations or rashes

9. Travel friendly

Cons of 24ct Gold, Honey & Almond Winter Care Nourishing Cream:

1. No pump

Will I purchase or recommend:

Yes, I will repurchase it and will recommend you guys to try it at least once. 

Price and Quantity:

Rs. 70 for 100grms

So, these were my views on TBC, 24 ct Gold, Winter Care Nourishing Cream and I hope this review has helped you to decide if you want to buy this cream or not. Please comment down below if you have any suggestions or review requests, I would love to do them. 🙂