Mud Pure Deeply Face Mask by Roots Magique Botanicals Review

I am a big skincare junkie, I constantly look for products for my skin which are natural, organic, are free from any chemicals and artificial ingredients. I don’t have sensitive skin but I always prefer using skincare products which are gentle on the skin. I strongly believe that we should never skip on investing our money on good skincare because, a flawless skin is a dream and any efforts put into it will never be wasted. A good skincare routine is a must do and will eventually slows down the aging process.

In order to achieve a good skin care routine, it is not important to invest in expensive products, one can easily take care of his/her skin by just using home remedies. I always try to either invest in some good products which works really well or either look for ingredients that easily are available in the kitchen.

Turmeric, Mulatani Mitti, honey, oats, lemon, besan and aloe vera gel are some of my favourite ingredients to use for my skin. These ingredients are really pocket friendly, available nearby, are natural and very gentle on the skin.

Roots Magique botanicals is one of my favorite skin care brands as all these products are handmade and natural. Using skincare products from roots magique botanicals is just as using best kitchen remedies for the skin. I recently tried their Mud Pure Deeply face mask which is a blend of turmeric, multani mitti, rhassoul clay and many better ingredients.

I was so excited to try this product because of its ingredients; I have read allot of skin benefits of rhassoul clay, turmeric and multani mitti being my all-time favourite remedies. I had to try this facemask.


Top Skin Benefits of Rhassoul Clay

1. Rich in minerals and is great of skin and hair.

2. Used in Naturopathy treatment

3. Removes excess of skin oil

4. Tightens the pores

5. Removed clogged pores

6. Clarifies Skin

7. Removes Blackheads


Top Skin Benefits of Turmeric

1. Antiseptic agent

2. Brightens the complexions

3. Lightens the mark

4. Natural Bleaching agent

5. Reduces Pigmentation


Top Skin Benefits of Multani Mitti

1. Tightens the pores

2. Reduces excess oil

3. Removes clogged pores

4. Clarifies the skin


Procedure of making the mask | Application | Packaging


1. Brightens the Complexion

2. Lightens the spots over continuous use

3. Little goes a long way



1. Stains the face if more quantity is applied.


Price & Will I repurchase

Rs.450 for 30 grms, Yes, I will repurchase it.