Peggy’s Spa Day| Aroma Bath Therapy for Pets

Winters in can be really tough for the dogs, because there are high risks of dogs catching cold, fever, or even pneumonia and these diseases are really deadly for the dogs. But on the other hand it’s really necessary to maintain your pet’s hygiene after all they are 24/7 around us and it’s the duty of the owner to keep them clean. Dog’s must be given regular baths, nail clipping and regular sanitary clippings.

Keeping these things mind, I avoid giving bath to Peggy (my pet’s name) during winters and because it’s breed is Pug, their nostrils are really tiny and they are more prone to severe cold and cough as compare to other dogs. So, I have to be a little more careful.

Winters are approaching in Delhi, I thought of giving Peggy a SPA session. For this started searching web and came across this new place called Whatspup. I was really impressed by their idea of giving your Pet SPA and Grooming sessions at home as per our convenience and in our comfort zone, So I went ahead and booked Peggy an appointment for Aroma Bath.

I ordered the Aroma Bath therapy for him, which included rejuvenating bathing session with Aloe-Vera shampoo carefully picked for the age and breed. The SPA session had

1. Body Massage

2. Paw Cleaning

3. Bathing

4. Drying

5. Perfuming

Today, Peggy just had his first ever SPA session and it was so amazing that I thought of sharing my views with you as it might help you. Peggy’s coat is now all cleaned up, shining its soft and he is smelling really fresh that I can’t stop touching and kissing him.

I am really impressed by the work done by whatspup guys because they were well trained professionals, and knew how to handle small breeds. They pampered Peggy and gave him a rejuvenating relaxing session.

peggy's spa day


The Trained pet groomers were pet loving and I really felt that he was in safe hands. I wasn’t worried about anything as they managed and took care of everything so nicely from using warm water to drying him properly because Pugs catch cold really quick. Their work was so commendable, that there wasn’t anything to complain about. The trainers were very knowledgeable and also gave great tips to train Peggy.



Overall, I am extremely happy with the service and would undoubtedly recommend this to every dog owner. This was a relaxing experience for both of us, as I wasn’t worried about anything whereas Peggy had an amazing pampering session.


Session: Aroma Therapy by

Price: Rs.800