Permanent Hair Removal is one solution, which every girl has surely wished at least once in her life time or may be many times. Life of every girl will be completely sorted if there weren’t any unwanted hair on the body. Life would be so much easier and happier if, I would never have to select what to wear as per the growth of my underarms or legs, If my upper lips were always clean and there wasn’t any fuss of getting waxed or shaved.

I feel, I am the most laziest person in the whole wide world who hates going to the parlour. I am the one who pushes her parlour visits until its the matter of life. So mostly, The last resort remains for me is to shave. But shaving sadly comes with its own pros and cons. As much as I love how time saving and quick it is, I hate the cuts and the marks on my body that stays like forever like scars. I always cut myself while shaving, no matter how carefully I do it. This is the main reason, I have been really digging to get all my facts and myths cleared about permanent hair removal.

In the past few months, I have read so much about Laser hair removal treatments that It has finally landed me in a dilemma, whether I should get it done or not. Well said! Too much information is sometimes very dangerous.

So, I finally made up my mind to meet the professionals and get right advice for myself. I asked all those questions to the doctors, that landed me to give a second thought about the idea of getting laser hair removal treatment done.

But, Before making my mind to visit at the Dermaclinix, I read about it a lot. I found they have the latest laser hair removal technology like Soprano ICE (DIODE with Alex), Soprano Pro, Harmony XL & Clearlift to provide 360 degrees coverage of hair removal. I have heard so many recommendations from my friends, so I could not think of going anywhere else.

Dr. Kavish Chouhan and Dr. Amrendra Kumar at the Dermaclinix busted the myths about Laser hair removal treatment and gave me a green signal to undergo the treatment.

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Dr. Kavish Chouhan


Dr. Amrendra Kumar

Here are some questions that I asked them.

Q1. Are there any medical tests that are to be done before laser hair removal treatment?

A- Your doctor first Clinically Examines if there are any visible problems like Acne, Coarse Hair, More hair on the lower face, Dandruff etc. If there aren’t any visible clinical signs then Yes, There are some tests that are to be done to check the level of Astrogen Hormone in the blood.

Q2. If a women is already diagnosed with PCOD or PCOS, is the permanent laser hair removal successful?

A- If a women has PCOD or PCOS then Permanent Laser Hair Removal is the only way of getting rid of those unwanted coarser hair. However, those patients are likely to get their regrowth much faster. So they have to get their  re-touch session after 7-8 months to completely get rid of the hair.

Q3. Will Laser hair removal will treat my In-grown hair?

A- Absolutely Yes! 100%. Laser removes the roots of your hair. Thus it will solve the problem of ingrown hair.

Q4. Can I get laser hair Removal treatment if I have a tattoo on my body?

A- No! It will burn your tattoo. So you can not get laser hair removal on your tattoo, but you can get it around your tattoo.

Q5. How much a laser hair treatment would cost?

A. The cost of laser hair removal treatment depends upon the area that has to be treated and the laser technology.

Roughly, A single session for face would cost you around Rs.2000 to Rs. 4000 and for the entire body it can go up till Rs. 1.5 to 2 lakh.

Q6. How painful is the laser hair treatment? On a scale of 1-5, where 1 is the least and 5 is the most.

A- With the painless Laser technology at Dermaclinix. One hardly feels pain. But the areas with bones and less skin over them like Under arms, upper lips, elbows and genetical areas will be categories under level 2.

I had a few more questions on Laser hair removal, you can watch them here:


Apart from permanent hair removal, Doctors also introduced me to hair transplant at the dermaclinix.  One can get their hair transplant very easily with the help of highly specialised doctors and well equipped Operation theatres. Hair on our head is just like the crown, So here at Dermaclinix centre Free Hair Transplant is done for the women who have suffered any type of burns or acid attacks.

I have finally made up my mind to get Permanent hair Removal through Lasers and I can not think of any other better place than Dermaclinix. I am about to get my session really soon and I can’t wait to share my experience and everything with you all.

So Stay tuned 🙂