How to be an Indian Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger | STEP WISE GUIDE

Age is just a number when it comes to start a blog, all you need is passion to inspire, a zeal to communicate and a craving to create something different. If think you can do, don’t give it another thought just go for it. 

But First! My Story

How to be an Indian Lifestyle Blogger.

I started in 2015 with a blog named MYVIBRANTWORLD. I could not continue it! mainly because I was too shy to accept, too conscious about what other people would think. So I always hid it from everyone and secretly blogged. I always watched youtube videos, I have seen so many Indian youtubers and bloggers growing in front of me. Inspired from them, I could never give up! and curb that fire of becoming a blogger and youtuber within me.  I knew what I wanted to do. I knew how to do, all I wanted was a push to start. After completing my Post graduation and learning Digital Marketing, it was the time for me to start. and that’s how I started my blog.

Today, in this post I will be sharing HOW TO BE AN INDIAN LIFESTYLE BLOGGER. I will be sharing what all you need in terms of knowledge and equipment’s to start a blog.


1. Get a Name & Finalise the name of your Blog:

The name of your blog must justify your Identity and the content that you want to share. You don’t need a fancy or a quirky name. If you have a unique name, Its great! Otherwise you can simply use your name as your blog name.


Step 1: Take a pen and a paper write all possible names that you have brainstormed.

Step 2: Check the availability of the selected name as a domain (click here to check) .

Eg. If you have selected a name for your blog say SRISHTI JAIN. Check if it is available as a website?

Step 3: Now you are satisfied that the domain of the name is available. Now check if it is availabe on all possible SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS.

Click here to check the availability of your domain on social media channels.

Step 4: Once you get know that usernames are available, create an email-Id and create all your accounts on these social media channels with a same username.

Step 5:  Build your website by taking a professional help or simply use a free platform by wordpress or Blogspot.

2. Prepare your Content:

You must prepare your content before launching your website/blog. Write at least 5 – 7 Blogposts, get your pictures clicked for your social media beforehand. Now, start sharing on your social media channels.

3. Getting it started on Social Media:

Start posting your pictures and play with time by posting at least 2 times a day for one week. Posting on two different times in a day, will help you to figure out THE BEST time to post for your social media channel, when you will get maximum engagement and likes.

Post Stories, share your daily deets on Instagram/snapchat at least 3-4 times a day. But do not spam the feed and Do not share irrelevant posts.

4. Promote:

Ask your friend to follow you and comment on your pictures. Make sure they comment at least three words excluding the emoji. This will build up your engagement and impressions.

5. Write Frequently:

Update your website/blog at least 6 times a month. And announce on your social media that you have updated your blog.

6. Build your Contacts:

Join Various groups created where Bloggers and PR’s Interact. Ask the PR person to add you to their mailing list, so that you don’t miss you out bloggers event and activities.

7. Equipment’s Needed

Camera: When I started my blog, I already had a DSLR camera. But if you don’t have it, Don’t worry start with a DIGI CAM or a mobile phone with a good camera quality.

Laptop/Desktop: You need a laptop or a desktop to operate and run your website.


Always remember prefer Quality over Quantity. Look for inspirations and create yours. Do not blindly copy other pictures and posts, rather look for inspirational content and pictures and create your own something out of it. Being unique and creative with your content will always lead you ahead. I hope these tips will help you to kick start your blog and continue on your passion.

So, This is how I work and all the steps that I followed, when I started my own blog. Hope you find these tips useful. Drop a comment and mail me if you want me write anything else regarding blogging/ recording youtube video/ how to click pictures.

See you soon in my next post!