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Weather is great today and so am I feeling today. I am in a lovely mood today and nothing is better than a cup of hot tea and my laptop. Today I am writing a review for you all on one of my favorite body and skin care brand.

In an artificial and highly polluted environment, I constantly look up for the products which are 100% organic, Natural and sulphate free in every possible manner. In my experience these products are not only gentle on the skin but give a highly luxurious bath experience with its very satisfying fragrance inspired by nature.

So, today I will be sharing my experience and reviews on all of the SHOWER GELS by Greenberry Organics. Greenberry organics manufactures products which are made up of 100% natural ingredients. They are completely cruelty free and all these products are sulphate free.

Guys, Sulphate in our bath and skin care products is very harmful for our health as it can cause cancer in extreme cases. If sulphate is present in our bath products it can also cause Irritation in eyes, can affect our hair texture in the long run, can cause hair fall, can harm our body tissues and if it goes inside our body, it can result in severe health problems.

After reading a lot about SLS and SLES, I have started to look for the products which are completely sulphate free and are 100% organic. I have used a lot of international organic and natural brands but could never find any Indian brand doing great quality products, until I came across the products by Greenberry Organics.

Greenberry organics sells its products on amazon dot in and they have a huge variety of Bath gels, soaps, Body Creams, Toners and Masks.  So I ordered and tried a lot of products from them and I think I am at a stage where I can express my honest reviews for this amazing brand.

Today, I am reviewing the entire Greenberry Organics Body Wash Gel Range.

GreenBerry Organics Shower Gels

100% Natural & Organic -Review

Best Shower Gels in India - GreenBerry Organics


Best Shower Gels in India - GreenBerry Organics


Made up of pure rose extracts this one is my absolute favorite. In fact, this one is everyone’s favorite at my place. I love this gel for the fact it gives me a luxe bathing experience and makes my bathing experience so good. I really love this one. It rejuvenates my skin cells and clears all the dirt and sweat. You do not need any deodorant after using this body wash as the smells stays on your skin for a long time. Not at all drying.




I love this body wash gel for the fact that it has mint in it. I never even in my wildest dreams could imagine a fusion of sandalwood and mint. Mint is my favorite scent and this is why it is my loved one. I love this gel in my shower as it gives a tingling minty sensation on the body while using. This one is great for hot and humid summers. I use this one after my workout at it really works well and keeps me cool.



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This little baby smells delicious. I wish I could pour it on my ice-cream and eat. It is one of greenberry’s best scents and body wash gel. The fusion of blueberry and blackcurrent is amazing and blended so well that the product smells heavenly. This body wash gel gives a really nice bathing experience. This one works best on my mother as she has sensitive skin.



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This one is inspired by the whole charcoal trend these days and one of my very first greenberry products. This one is infused with the goodness of natural vitamin E oil. Vitamin is great for the skin cells, it rejuvenates and repairs our skin cells and cleanse the pores. Charcoal helps in deep cleansing the body and the combination of these two ingredients is great to prevent summer rashes on the body. It has extracts of vitamin E and is very moisturizing.


Greenberry Organics Product Claims

  1. 1. Acne and breakout is one of the top troubling issues of summers due to a unfavorable weather for skin bacteria. These body washes have unique properties to keep the hassle under control.
  2. 2. It banishes toxicity from the body in the most effective way possible, a bonus with every shower.
  3. 3. Keeps the harmful bacteria under control
  4. 4. Luxe bathing experience and fragrance gives and changes the mood.



  1. 1. 100% Natural
  2. 2. 100% Organic
  3. 3. Cruelty Free
  4. 4. Smells Heavenly and stays on for long
  5. 5. Doesn’t dry out the skin afterwards
  6. 6. Always available on discount on amazon
  7. 7. Great for summers




Price /Quantity and would I purchase it again?

200ml of product retails for  Rs. 599 and is always available on amazon on discount.

Definitely yes, these is my ultimate favorite shower gels and will surely buy them again.

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