Hey my Loves! So it’s been really long that I haven’t updated my beauty section. This is because I haven’t really buying a lot of makeup these days.

Honestly, I feel that I already own so much, which I don’t even use and Before getting my hands on more makeup, I really want to use it up and finish my old ones. But am sure! I am going to pick something or the other whenever I am going to mall and pass by the New U Store. Its a kind of felling, an urge! You know the desire of buying new makeup every time you go shopping right?  this is what happens to me every time I go shopping. Haha! Tell me in the comments,  if it happens with you too?

I mostly shop my makeup from New U store. Mainly because of two reasons first, they have most of the makeup and skincare brands with them and secondly, you always get some good discounts on your purchases.  You can find a lot of New U stores here in Delhi. If you have a new u store nearby! I highly recommend you to visit them.

I am so happy and excited to share with you all that finally New U has completed its 10th year this month.  And on their 10th anniversary, they have launched a few of their own Skincare, Bodycare and Makeup products. A few of the products from the range were sent to me by the brand to try out. I am still in the process of trying out these products.  But today, I will be sharing some of my favorites from the products that were sent to me.


My Favourite Body Mists by Dabur New U


Two of my absolute favorite products from the hamper are the fragrance mists. The first one is called Luscious Bloom and the second one is called Forever 16. Guys, I am not a best person to describe fragrances but I am surely going to try my level best. But what I am trying to say is that you have to go and try out these fragrances at least once at the store.

Luscious Bloom is a musky scent, a little strong. If you are working or have a bold personality this fragrance will define you. I would call this scent very feminine. This fragrance is for the days when you have to meet a special someone. These sort of scents make you feel confident from within. This is surely not my everyday scent but I love using it on special occasions.

Whereas Forever 16 is perfect for teenage girls and women who like to wear very fruity scents. This is the one I like to wear every day. This not very strong but very fresh and girly.

Price wise they are very fairly priced. They retail only for Rs.399 and they last almost 3-4 hours on me. I have tried a lot of body mists in the past, but these are the one’s I really like at the moment. They are really appropriate for this weather and makes you feel really fresh. These mists are the ones that I think, I am going to re purchase. I will ask you guys to visit a nearby New U store and try out these fragrance mists once! Do let me know which one did you pick for yourself.