Fashion has no boundaries and Size is just a label on the cloth; never restrict you from wearing your favorite colors and styles. You can pretty much wear any type of clothing by customizing it in a way that it flatters your body type.

Here I have written some of my secrets that have helped me styling my clothes.

I hope that they could also help you in building your own style.

Work with colors and prints to bring out best features

There are no barriers to colors and no rule to opt only blacks. A curvy girl can rock any color be it bights or pastels. A color must suit your complexion and must compliment you.

1.Go for smaller, defined and vertical prints.

By smaller, I mean choose small prints; you must keep in mind that the prints should be defined as scattered and big prints can make you look even more bulky and heavy.
Go for bright quirky prints, as they look extremely stylish.
Opt for long vertical prints for your maxi’s and dresses and if you’re short heighted its great! Because vertical prints can create the illusion of length.
So will make you look taller.

They give texture to the clothing and look extremely flattering on curvy and plus size women. Personally I love wearing prints. I prefer wearing printed dresses, maxi’s, tops and shirts.

If you’re curvy and pear shaped like me avoid wearing printed bottoms as they highlight the portion and can look unflattering

2. Stripes? REALLY?

It’s a myth that stripes can make you look fat. You can make stripes look extremely edgy and classy by choosing a right type of stripes for your body.

Choose thin stripes because thinner stripes can make you look elegant and slim
Thinner stripes look very graceful and are work appropriate.
Choose diagonal stripes.
Stripes with a darker background
Avoid skin fit clothing with stripes on it.

3. Go for maxi dresses they are your best friends

Maxi’s are my personal favorite, especially in summers and rainy season.

They are airy and breathable unlike snug fitted jeans or jeggings.
Maxi’s can be worn at anytime of the day and at multiple occasions.
Maxi’s are flowey and hides everything thus look extremely flattering on curvy women.
While shopping for maxi’s try to look for vertical print, minimal prints or plain solid colors.
Style your maxi’s with statement jewellery.

4. Wear knee length dresses

Most of the women feel uncomfortable wearing short dresses.

So! Instead avoiding short dresses wear knee length dresses.

Knee length dresses show minimal skin yet looks elegant and pretty.
Go for tshirt dresses, shirt dresses or skater dresses they look amazing.
Style your knee length dress with minimal jewelry.
Pair them with sneakers, platforms or flats.

5.Baggy clothing! The bigger the better!

Most of us wear oversized tshirts and tops feeling that they will hide everything!

No! they wont. In fact bigger and baggy clothing will make you look big.

Girl! You’ve got our curves show them.

Wear a size, which is not too fitted or too loose on you.
Balance your clothing by wearing volume either on top or in your bottoms.
Oversized clothing all over can make you look larger. So! Choose wisely.

6.You can wear all styles; it’s about finding the best one for you

Wearing right kind of clothing or style is one major factor for curvy women. So never get afraid try different styles and find the best one for you. Wear something that expresses your style. Trends come and go! But your style must define your personality. Wear clothes that make you happy and make you feel good about yourself.

Wear you smile and always hold your confidence.