Lipstick for dusky women 415

This season it has been all about matte liquid lipsticks. Liquid lipsticks have taken over the entire lipstick range. Almost every brand is coming up with their version of liquid lipsticks.

Recently, Incolor matte me are all over the Indian markets. These incolor matte me are the exact dupes for sleek matte me and can be easily found in local markets.

Recently, I bought incolor matte me no 415. It is a perfect nudy pink shade for dusky women like me.

I like my nudes to have pink undertones to it. This way they look extremely natural and don’t make you look washed out.

This lipstick is a dream shade. It looks a little pinker on the camera, but it is a perfect nude with pink undertones.

This is an absolute favorite of mine. I bet will look amazing on people with dusky skin like me or may be a shade darker.

This liquid lipstick has pink undertones. This looks really natural on lips.

This lipstick can be worn at occasion and at any time of the day.

These are absolutely work appropriate, as it is a very toned down nude pink color for us dark girls.

It doesn’t look loud at all and can be easily carried by women of all ages.



  • 1.This liquid Lipstick comes in a glass cuboid like container.
  • 2.It has a matte lid.
  • 3.The wand of the lipstick has a long doe foot applicator.
  • 4.Lipstick comes completely sealed packed



  • 1.It is a liquid lipstick
  • 2.It dries completely matte
  • 3.Sets and gives a powdery finish
  • 4.Does dry out lips
  • 5.When dries, it gets a shade lighter





lip swatch



  • 1.It lasts good 3-4 hours on my lips.
  • 2.It fades from the center of my lips
  • 3.Need to touch up after meals and drinks



  • 1.Matte lipstick
  • 2.Affordable
  • 3.Long wearing
  • 4.Kylie Jenner lip shade
  • 5.Extremely flattering on medium to dark skin



  • 1.Dries lips
  • 2.Fades away in patches and from the center of the lips
  • 3.Does not survive liquids and oily food



Price range between INR 200-250

I bought mine from GK-I, M block Market.