Relaxing Spa Session at Asian Roots Gurgaon

We all dream for the best body and flawless skin. But due long hectic work hours and busy schedules we are not at all close a healthy lifestyle. Recently, I was facing the similar issues with my skin. From a very long time my skin wasn’t keeping very well. I was facing a lot of breakouts, marks on my face and it looked very dull and dehydrated.

Then I visited Asian Roots Spa and Wellness Clinic and I am very proud of myself that I took the best decision for my skin because of the treatment that availed.

When I entered, the place was very quiet and peaceful. While waiting for my consultation with the dermatologist, I felt that the ambience was very relaxing and the space was very nicely organised. The Interiors with white and Gold looked aesthetically pleasing and beautiful.

Relaxing Spa Session at Asian Roots Gurgaon


Relaxing Spa Session at Asian Roots Gurgaon


Relaxing Spa Session at Asian Roots Gurgaon


The consultation session with the dermatologist was very helpful for me. Dermatologist talked about doe’s and Don’ts for my type of skin. She prepared me a list of steps that I need to follow for a healthy skin care routine and gave tips to improve my hair.  After a close examination, listening to my skin problems. She advised my go for a Medi-Spa Hydra Radiance Therapy.

She briefly explained everything about Hydra radiance therapy, she cleared all my doubts and told that Hydra Radiance Therapy is an innovative combination of medical and cosmetic skincare developed by skilled specialists. This is painless procedure which  hydrates and lightens the texture of the skin. The benefits of a peel and facials are also delivered in the same session through this therapy and this was something I badly needed to treat my facial skin. A lady after my consultation took me to their treatment room, got me seated and started the process.


Relaxing Spa Session at Asian Roots Gurgaon


Relaxing Spa Session at Asian Roots Gurgaon

Hydra Radiance Therapy at Asian Roots is a four step process which includes

Step 1: Cleansing and Exfoliating, my skin was cleansed and all the dead skin cells were removed.

Step 2: Peel, a peel was applied my face using machine which gently extracted all the dirt and unclogged my clogged pores.

Step 3: Extractions, using vacuum suctions all the impurities were extracted from my face.

Step 4: Hydration, after all the steps, when pores were cleansed and dead skin cells were extracted out of my skin. Hydration was restored into my skin. Using the machine, they infused serum into my skin, which got back my glow on the skin.

It was a  40 Minutes session and I was really surprised to see the results. I absolutely loved my skin afterwards.  My skin never felt very Radiant and hydrated. This was a one of a kind experience and was very relaxing.

Today, its the day 7th after my facial and my skin still looks amazing and radiant. I am absolutely loving the results on my skin and this is why I thought of sharing my wonderful experience with everyone.  Asian Roots has given me a really nice skin therapy and I highly recommend you to visit this place if you have skin concerns like me. The therapy was slightly on the expensive, but results are totally worth it.

Asian Roots not only offers Medi-Spa service but it has a whole lot of grooming services.  It is a complete space and a one stop solution to enhance and groom your personality. Services like Pain free hair reduction, Scar reduction, skin enhancement, Inch loss and body contouring, Bridal services all are available under one roof.


You can Visit

Asian Roots Wellness Clinic

220-221 DLF South Point Mall,

DLF Golf Course Road, Gurgaon

P: 0124-4276426/ 414302


Hope you found this post useful! catchup with you in my next post very soon!