Hey Guys!


I am Srishti Jain and I am the creative head behind this screen. I am a visualizer, I love thinking and coming up with new ideas.  As for my education, I completed my masters in  Journalism & Mass communication from GGSIPU DWARKA in 2016. I never settled myself into a 9 to 5  job mainly because it blocked my creative mind and I had zero time for the things that I loved doing.

 I love makeup like any other girl. So! In 2017, I decided to pursue a Certified Makeup Course. It helped me grow so much.  Now, I am currently working as a Professional Makeup Artist & am really loving my work. Apart from my profession, my hobbies are singing, watching tv series and cooking. I am a kind of person who mostly likes to sit at home, order food on Sundays & enjoy it with family rather going out at a crowded place and waiting there for a table to just to eat.

Enough said! I really appreciate you took time for reading it and my blog. You can follow me on my journey and Be a part of my social media family to know more about me.

Thanks! for connecting and reading my blog! love you all 😀